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  • Version: 1.3.12

Put your face onto GIFs

Doublicat: Face Swap Pictures is a free lifestyle mobile app that lets you swap your own likeness onto GIFs. Developed by NEOCORTEXT, INC., this photo app utilizes deep fake technology to create realistic live image-editing using your phone’s camera. It’s similar to ZAO but uses short GIFs rather than movie scenes for your template. You can also create personalized GIF reactions with this app and share them on your social media accounts.

What is Doublicat?

Doublicat works just like other face-swapper programs: you need to record your appearance with a selfie. As such, when you first launch the app, it will ask for your permission to use the camera—reassuring that your face data will only be used for its services. You can immediately take a generic selfie using the oval face marker on the screen and start using that as your face template. 

The main page of the app has the GIF and short video clip content that you can use. These can range from celebrities of the music and film industry to meme GIFs that came from viral videos. However, these aren’t all free. You get a trial period of 3 days but some GIFs will require you to either get the premium subscription or watch an ad. The app offers two subscription plans: monthly and annual. 

Aside from that, the face editor is too simple and doesn’t offer any advanced settings. You can only take a selfie or photo that the app will seamlessly edit onto the videos—you can’t record yourself and others and have the facial expressions match the flow of the video, unlike other apps. This means that the expressions on the final product will sometimes distort and be unfamiliar. You also can’t customize the scope of the editor.

Not really that great

Overall, Doublicat: Face Swap Pictures looks promising but it needs a lot of work on its features, especially once the user purchases the premium plan. Sometimes, watermarks don’t get removed and your photos may not turn out great once edited onto the GIFs. Considering the need to pay for these services and have them not even work properly, this app isn’t really a good deal and you’re better off trying other face-swappers.


  • Can swap yours and others’ faces onto popular GIFs
  • Realistic-looking seamless edits
  • Can share your personalized GIFs to social media
  • Allows you to download your GIFs


  • The premium version often works poorly compared to the free version
  • The face editor is too simple
  • Can’t do live recordings to match the video’s flow

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Doublicat: Face Swap Pictures


Doublicat: Face Swap Pictures 1.3.12 for iPhone

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